A couple tips about application!


A couple tips about application......

A couple of tips about application, if you’re new to perfume oils, or perfume in general… Dab, don’t rub when applying your perfume. Rubbing the oil into your skin breaks down the more volatile top notes, such as citrus. If you have problems with the scent being absorbed too quickly, moisturize before you apply; a quick slick of petroleum jelly or a waxy, unscented lip balm can also help the fragrance adhere. Layering with a scented lotion in the same fragrance will also strengthen the effect of your perfume. As to where you should apply perfume oil to your body? Where you want to be kissed -- just as Coco Chanel so famously said.

@scentuaryoils is a Toronto based company that provides you with your favourite scents using top quality oils. This is a healthy alternative to your alcohol based perfumes at a fraction of the cost. Naturally formulated versions of Tom Ford, Creed and more! Simply dab the oils on your wrists and behind your ears and smell incredible all day!