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About Scentuary

Our goal is simple: To bring you the best quality fragrance oils that smell incredible, are long long-lasting and very affordable! Scentuary Oils is a healthy alternative to your alcohol based perfumes at a fraction of the cost. Naturally formulated impressions of Tom Ford, Creed, Louis Vuitton and more!

We are extremely passionate about fragrances. We have spent years travelling around the world, sourcing the best luxury oils to market. Our innovative process has allowed us to take our favorite fragrances and create natural oils and aroma blends that are designed for your body and home. Our oils are 100% alcohol-free pure perfume oils that are sourced from the Middle East.

We are an environmentally friendly company that practices fair trade and no animal testing on any of our products. Our oils contain no additives, no synthetics, are non-GMO and are pet friendly.

For our body oils, simply use our convenient 10ml rollers on your wrists, neck, and behind your ears to smell incredible all day long! For the home oils, use a few drops in your choice of diffuser to make your space smell luxurious!

You'll always smell amazing with Scentuary


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